Cloudera Introduces Analytic Experiences for Cloudera Data Platform

Published by: Ravi Shankar

Cloudera recently announced new enterprise data cloud services on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP): CDP Data Engineering; CDP Operational Database; and CDP Data Visualization. The new services include key capabilities to help data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists collaborate across the entire analytics workflow and work smarter and faster. CDP enterprise data cloud services are purpose-built to enable data specialists to navigate the exponential data growth and siloed data analytics operating across multiple public and private clouds.

Data lifecycle integration enables data engineers, data analysts and data scientists to work on the same data securely and efficiently, no matter where that data may reside or where the analytics run. CDP not only helps to improve individual data specialist productivity, it also helps data teams work better together, through its unique hybrid data architecture that integrates analytic experiences across the data lifecycle and across public and private clouds. Effectively managing and securing data collection, enrichment, analysis, experimentation and analytics visualization is fundamental to navigating the data deluge. The result is data scientists and engineers can collaborate better and more rapidly deliver data-driven use cases. Following are the new enterprise cloud services announcements:

CDP Data Engineering: is a powerful Apache Spark service on Kubernetes and includes key productivity enhancing capabilities typically not available with basic data engineering services. Preparing data for analysis and production use cases across the data lifecycle is critical for transforming data into business value. CDP Data Engineering is a purpose-built data engineering service to accelerate enterprise data pipelines from collection and enrichment to insight, at scale.

CDP Operational Database: is a high-performance NoSQL database service that provides scale and performance for business-critical operational applications. It offers evolutionary schema support to leverage the power of data while preserving flexibility in application design by allowing changes to underlying data models without having to make changes to the application. In addition, it provides Auto-scaling based on the workload utilization of the cluster to optimize infrastructure utilization.

CDP Data Visualization: CDP Data Visualization simplifies the curation of rich, visual dashboards, reports and charts to provide agile analytical insight in the language of business, democratizing access to data and analytics across the organization at scale. It allows Technical teams to rapidly share analysis and machine learning models using drag and drop custom interactive applications. It provides business teams and decision makers the data insights to make trusted, well informed business decisions.

These data cloud services in combination with CDP are purpose-built for data specialists. They deliver rapid, real-time business insights with the enterprise-grade security and governance and will permit Cloudera to continue to be a leader in data science.

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