My Fond Memories and Interactions with Dr. M. R. Pamidi (M.R.)

Published by: Srini Chari

My Fond Memories and Interactions with Dr. M. R. Pamidi (M.R.)

I returned from India on February/15 after a five-week stay, and I called my colleague, M.R. Pamidi, on February 19 (President’s Day) in the mid-afternoon Eastern Time (my usual time to call M.R.) to check in with him, as I did regularly over the last many years. I even called him periodically from India since we had several active projects.

However, on President’s Day, M.R.’s son, Matt, picked up the phone and gave me the sad and shocking news that M.R. had seriously hurt himself after falling off a machine at the gym. Matt told me that the prognosis for M.R. was not very good. I kept in touch with Matt, and this past weekend, Matt informed me of M.R.’s unfortunate and tragic passing, and it has shaken me up.

I first met M.R. virtually about eight years back when, at the suggestion of an IDC analyst, he contacted me seeking opportunities to work on Cabot Partners’ projects. At that time, a small hardware company had just retained us to write a comprehensive custom report on how they could grow their business in the rapidly emerging area of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML). So, as I usually do with new partners, I put M. R. on this project. Over the next several months, I experienced firsthand M. R’s friendly demeanor, diligent work ethic, thorough research, and attention to detail.

So, as opportunities arose for the next eight years, we collaborated on various technical client projects in cloud computing, AI/ML, cybersecurity, and others. Often, I would call M.R. and ask him to create content on many of these emerging topics. I would request, “Please summarize the five top use cases of AI in Retail.” “Please create ten charts depicting our Client’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) compared to a competitor,” or “Please write three pages describing the role of infrastructure in Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR).”

In every case, M.R. delivered excellent work, always on time, and proactively followed up to ensure it was what I was looking for. Once, late in 2022, he informed me he could not start a project because his beloved wife, Mary, of over 46 years, had just passed after a prolonged illness. I felt awful then. But now I am devastated.

I only met M.R. once face-to-face (over two days) when we attended an Analyst event in the Bay area. M.R. was tall, lean, handsome, and looked like he was in his early 60s. Only when his wife, Mary, passed did he tell me that he was in his mid-seventies. It is truly stunning that he was highly productive, always eager to learn, and physically active (he worked out daily).

When a Hindu passes, it is customary to immerse their ashes in the water. Many of Cabot Partners’ clients’ assets, our website, blogs, and whitepapers, have M.R.’s work deeply ingrained in them. This work is an enduring legacy of his dedication, diligence, and determination.

Matt and his sister, Meera, are the legacy of his devotion to family. To Matt and Meera, my condolences on your profound and tragic loss. May the Lord Venkateshwara of the Seven Hills give you the strength and fortitude to bear this loss on top of the recent loss of your dear mother, and may He guide you and your family through this difficult and trying period. May M.R.’s soul rest in eternal peace!


  1. Prakash K Narayan

    I am deeply saddened to learn about the passing of M.R. Pamidi. I have deep respect for M.R. He has told me several times about how proud he is of his son, Matt – who used to play (ice)hockey. M.R. would often talk to me about the difficulties in progressing as a hockey player. My deepest condolences to Matt and Meera and the rest of the family. M.R was a prolific writer. He had the innate ability to express in words complex technologies without using jargon. He was always well read and stayed ahead of the curve. He was a permanent fixture at any Silicon Valley professional conference. His presence and his energy will sorely be missed.

  2. Deepak Bhagat

    I am shocked to hear of MR Pamidi passing away. I have known him from Sun days and then we partnered together to do consulting after we both left Sun. I then joined SAP in 20-3 and left SAP after 10 years last May. I connected with him again and discussed collaboration again in my newly established high end consulting company. He sent me some of his latest papers which we discussed. We were planning to meet one of these days.

    He was a very talented individual. Silicon Valley has lost a great professional. Om Shanti! 🙏🙏

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