Cabot Partners provides a comprehensive range of business and technical assessments of client’s solutions. The assessments range from technical and business viability of the solution especially in the context of competitor’s solutions, compliance, risk management training, communication and other areas important to our clients. Our team of highly-skilled consultants have in-depth industry experience combined with strong technical and business acumen.

Cabot Partners Solution Assessments can be varied depending on the client’s needs. They can come in different forms such as:

  • Cost assessment/benchmarking: Primarily a comparative assessment of client’s solution with that of competitors. This multi-dimensional assessment in addition to cost includes other variables (e.g. service levels, operational factors).
  • Technical assessment: Technical assessment of client’s product/solution including technical architecture, performance, scalability and other attributes. Depending on the scope, the assessment can include comparison with products/solutions offered by competitors.
  • Market assessment: This assessment includes but not limited to assessment of feature/function, Go to Market, Maturity models, Pricing, marketing messaging and communication, and SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Threats and Opportunity).

Here’s an example of our deep expertise, experience and capabilities in creating actionable Solution Assessments:

IoT Solution Assessment

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