Thought leaders command respect, and becoming one is the dream of most organizations. One potent way to build thought leadership is to create a white paper that thoroughly explains the company’s product, solution and/or concept. Cabot Partner’s research-based methodology and business-focused writing style provides an independent analysis that decision-makers will clearly understand.

Our thought leadership whitepapers combine both Business and Technical dimensions. They are product of collaborative effort between Cabot Partners, the client, and their clients/business partners. These can be used to drive brand awareness and as a powerful lead generator.

The Thought Leadership Whitepapers typically consist of:

  • Executive summary
  • Introduction to the whitepaper topic/subject
  • Technical architecture
  • Exposition of various available options/solutions
  • Implementation scenarios across selected industries
  • Client examples
  • Value proposition and Messaging

In general, the steps followed in generating the thought leadership whitepaper include:

  • Interview Key Stakeholders: Create a business and technical list of questions to obtain information about the subject matter
  • Build the Value Proposition (by intended audience): Collect, research, analyze and distill relevant existing technical and business literature relevant to articulate the solutions Value
  • Craft the Value Messaging by Audience Type: Build the messaging on benefits and value propositions
  • Create the draft whitepaper and review with the client team
  • Consolidate and finalize the paper for the intended audience by the delivery date

Here’s an example of our deep expertise, experience and capabilities in creating Thought Leadership Whitepapers:

Greater Choice and Value for Advanced Analytics and AI

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