Information Security is attracting increasing attention as both the public sector-departments and intelligence agencies-and the private sector-banks, retailers, credit-reporting companies, and utilities-around the world have become victims of cyber-attacks by individuals as well as state-sponsored agencies. Some attacks have been for fun just to expose security holes in the infrastructure; others have been for ransom (ransomware); still others-especially the state-sponsored ones-have been to disrupt electric power grids, chemical and processing plants, to meddle with elections, or steal intelligence information. This situation will only get worse with the billions of interconnected-connected devices (think of IoT) forecasted to come online in the coming years.

The three pillars of Information Security are:

  • C: Confidentiality, protecting information from being disclosed to unauthorized parties.
  • I: Integrity, protecting information from being changed by unauthorized parties.
  • A: Availability, of information to authorized parties only when requested.

These three requirements will receive even more scrutiny with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, addressing the privacy and security issues of EU residents. Organizations found to be violating the GDPR can be fined 4% of their worldwide annual revenue or €20 million, whichever is higher.

Cabot Partners offers customized advisory services:

  • IT Solution Providers: Conduct security audits for product compliance with security regulations, delivering white papers, market/competitive assessments, Total Value of Ownership (TVO) Studies, 3D animation videos, webinars, solution briefs, eBooks…etc.
  • Enterprises: Evaluation of current IT infrastructure for security vulnerabilities, third party audits for compliance with FedRAMP, GDPR and other security standards, help navigate the complexities of the technology landscape to gain competitive advantage and to optimize their security initiatives.
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