Competitive analysis is a critical part of a marketing plan. With this analysis, companies can establish what makes their products or service unique–and therefore what attributes must be highlighted in order to succeed in the target market. Cabot Partners conducts competitive analysis by segmenting the market and selecting a list of competitors who compete with a client’s product/offering. For each selected competitor, we analyze important details such as; features, functions, pricing information, competitive differentiators and limitations, and position each competitor within the market segment.We also provide actionable guidance and tactics to sellers in the form of sales guides, sales plays, tactics. Key deliverables also come in the form of battle cards and entire playbooks.

Cabot Partners Competitive and Segment analysis cover:

  • Business dimensions typically include:
    • Pricing and packaging of offerings
    • Relevant workloads/application segments
    • Strategy and architecture
    • Ecosystem partners and key alliances
    • Routes to market and channels and Marketing communications
  • Technical dimensions typically include:
    • Infrastructure needed/supported
    • Performance, scalability and other attributes
    • Other features and services as relevant
  • Market dimensions typically include:
    • Enterprise
    • Small and Medium Business (SMB)

In general, the following analysis are conducted to generate the competitive and segment analysis:

  • Strategic Business Analysis: Determine key business information for each competitor as available including revenue, projections, customers, segments, partnerships, alliances and delivery channels
  • Technical Analysis of competitor’s products/offerings
  • SWOT Analysis: Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat (SWOT) analysis of the product/offerings
  • Competitive Analysis: Highlight and articulate the client’s portfolio of technical and business strengths and weakness with a view to anticipate and overcome competitors’ responses to build sustained competitive advantage

Here’s a public example of a summary of our deep expertise, experience and capabilities in creating actionable Competitive Analysis:
Competitive and Market Segment Analysis

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