AI/Machine Learning Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are rapidly evolving and significantly improving
growth, profits and operational efficiencies in virtually every industry. This is being driven – in large part –
by continuing improvements in processor price/performance, performance and the associated innovations
in software and algorithms to harness these new processors. Even firms with limited financial resources
are leveraging AI/ML for competitive advantage.

Cabot Partners is a trusted source for relevant, timely and actionable strategic guidance and technical
implementation services for clients interested in deploying AI/ML solutions. These services are tailored to
match a client’s AI/ML journey.

Cabot Partners offers the following two types of services to Clients and IT Solution Providers to assist
them in their AI/ML journey:

Strategic Business Services: range from educating client teams on the basics of AI/ML to empowering
them in making product and investment decisions.

Technical and Implementation Services: assist clients to implement a range of AI/ML projects,
solutions and technologies.

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AI/Machine Learning Services Brochure

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