Using extensive research and rigorous analysis, Cabot Partners generates actionable Industry Insights that provide unique perspectives in the selected industry/market. We are a trusted source for relevant, timely, and actionable strategic guidance. Our Industry and Market Insight includes current and emerging trends, challenges, opportunities, robust metrics and corroborative data.

Cabot Partners industry and market insights are multi-dimensional, and they cover:

  • Business dimensions typically include:
    • Pricing and packaging of offerings
    • Relevant workloads/application segments
    • Strategy and architecture
    • Ecosystem partners and key alliances
    • Routes to market and channels and Marketing communications
  • Technical dimensions typically include:
    • Infrastructure needed/supported
    • Performance, scalability and other attributes
    • Other features and services as relevant
  • Market dimensions typically include:
    • Enterprise
    • Small and Medium Business (SMB)

In general, the steps followed in generating the actionable market insights include:

  • Identify applicable key industry multi-dimensional sub-segments.
  • Based on extensive research and rigorous analysis, articulate how the focus topic is applied to each of the industry sub-segments.
  • Identify the technical and business drivers, buyers and buying behaviors by sub-segment.
  • Identify 2-3 key solution providers and their respective ecosystems for each of the key high-priority sub-segments. Determine the strengths and weakness of key participants in the ecosystems.
  • Project the expected market/technology evolution for the next 18 months by sub-segment and usage models and players in the ecosystems.

Here’s an example of our deep expertise, experience and capabilities in creating actionable Industry and Market Insights:

Executive Summary of Machine Learning Study

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