Standav Corporation

Standav Corp is a leading Business transformation Agency providing Data Engineering and Cloud solutions capabilities for organizations, based at Santa Clara, CA. Leading the technology initiatives of several Fortune 500 firms, Standav is reputed for the niche processes standards and delivery frameworks it adopts to ensure quicker time to business and ROI.

Some core competencies include (not limited to):

Data Science and Machine Learning:

Standav’s Data Science and Machine Learning Practice does more than just providing insights:

  • The fundamental approach of Standav is to show economic value by deploying the latest thought process and techniques available in the field
  • Their Data Science experts apply the right models to the right data and help organizations identify patterns in such high volumes of data to predict and ultimately deliver business outcomes.
  • Their Data Science experts help organizations with the foresight needed to support their customers in a better way, develop more innovative and meaningful products and services along with operational efficiency.
  • Standav has worked with some of the fortune 1000 organizations and helped across many verticals with some of the best use cases being Customer Segmentation, Customer churn, Sentiment Analysis, Predictive Maintenance, Recommendation Engine, Demand forecasting etc.
Toolset includes:

IBM Power AI Stack – or Deep learning and Image Processing Applications

For small data sets (<10 GB in size)

  • Python / R on a server grade machine with a min of 64GB RAM and 1 TB disk

For large data sets ( 10 GB)

  • Ingestion using Sqoop / Flume
  • Cloudera Stack with SparkR / SparkSQL for MapReduce Jobs and persist in Hbase/RDBMS
  • Visualization through popular tools such as Tableau / Zoomdata etc.
  • For Data science teams familiar with R studio, we recommend using Sparklyr and dplyr to crunch data as Spark Jobs and visualization using R
  • Machine learning using SparkML libs or R libraries / Python libs
Big Data Engineering
  • Enables organizations to effectively aggregate, Integrate and Validate data and uncover relevant business insights in real time.
  • A right blend of certified Professionals and Subject Matter experts help envision, strategize and implement the actionable analytics road map for the clients, ensuring the focus is on always delivering measurable ROI.
  • Standav’s Fraud detection, Customer Segmentation, Customer churn, Sentiment Analysis, Predictive Maintenance, Recommendation Engine, Demand forecasting feature extensively in the services availed by industry leading organizations.
  • Standav offers a wide range of security and development consulting services, from security diligence and testing services to business model analysis and software development.
  • Drawing on years of expertise on blockchain development spaces, Standav makes incorporating the blockchain technology for business, a seamless yet effective process.
  • Standav’s much awarded partnerships with Salesforce and Apttus, the leaders in the Enterprise cloud solutions, stand testimony to their Cloud Capabilities.
  • Offering the entire suite of Configure Price Quote, Billing and Revenue recognition solutions, several successfully implemented time critical engagements for Fortune 500 clients have helped cement Standav’s reputation as a leading solution provider in the industry.