Calligo Technologies

Calligo Technologies is a category defining Data Science and Machine Learning software and services company focused on helping organizations translate the big promise of Big Data, Machine Learning technologies as well as High Performance Computing (HPC) into quantifiable business impact.

Emerging & Disruptive technologies in HPC are helping organizations collect, share and analyze endless streams of data. The convergence of HPC and AI now is driving a major paradigm shift in computing and analytics.

The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning algorithms with HPC profoundly impacts the IT industry to influence every aspect of human life. HPC enables AI researchers to be more productive by letting them iterate experiments faster. HPC allows training models to anlyze even larger data sets and is therefore a key part of progress in AI. The AI boom is expected to create an easier path to Exascale.

Calligo Technologies help clients find and capture hidden value from data through a unique blend of business acumen, Big Data, Machine Learning and HPC.

AI/Machine Learning Services:

CIDAP (Calligo Intelligent Data Analytics Platform) is a new category of solution that unifies data processing with AI technologies, enabling organizations to accelerate their AI initiatives.

Calligo Technologies is one of the only four selected partners for Intel® to provide AI framework and their work is recognized and mentioned as part of Intel®’s AI Builder ecosystem.

Calligo’s teams have deep expertise in using AI to generate results and solve real life problems in multiple domains, such as (but not limited to) Cognitive Automation, documents analysis, and Computer Vision. A few examples are listed below:

1. They optimized CTPN based solution for an MNC company that accurately localized text lines in natural image. This solution helps in digitization of documents aiding in robotic process automation. Automate extraction of required details from unstructured documents. We were able to add additional layers viz Bi-LSTM, Transpose, Reverse etc.., that were required in Caffe. They were able to achieve 30% boost over the baseline and able to save $350 per instance per month.

2. Worked with a local company, which has presence in US, on providing Deep Speech based solution. They used Baidu’s Warp-CTC based Deep Speech end-to-end speech recognition system and ported the same on to FPGA environment to give user the agility and to provide near real time based solution.

3. Cognitive Automation extends and improves the range of actions that are typically correlated with RPA, providing advantages for cost savings and customer satisfaction as well as more benefits in terms of accuracy in complex business processes that involve the use of unstructured information. They are currently working on providing such a solution to a large logistics company. This solution is extendable to other domains as well.

High Performance Computing Services:

Some key services offered by Calligo Technologies in HPC/HPDS/HPDA are as shown below: