The volume, variety and velocity of data is growing rapidly with immense potential for business value. Every second, huge volumes of data are generated from the Internet, mobile devices, clouds, sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT) and so on. By leveraging this data, Analytics helps businesses with unique insights to better execute strategic goals and gain competitive advantage, improve product and service quality and deliver higher profits and revenues.

Analytics is used in a variety of industries – healthcare and life sciences, banking and finance, manufacturing, retail/supply chains, and so on. Consequently, the global market for analytics services is forecast to grow at CAGR 11.9% through 2020 with revenues set to reach over $210 billion.

Cabot Partners offers customized strategic advisory services to:

  • IT Solution Providers: Help build and grow desired revenue and profitability of their Analytics platforms by delivering white papers, market/competitive assessments, Total Value of Ownership (TVO) Studies, 3D animation videos, webinars, solution briefs, eBooks…etc.
  • Enterprises: Help navigate the complexities of the technology landscape to gain competitive advantage and to optimize their analytics initiatives.

Here are some examples:

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