"The fundamental challenge companies face today is reinventing themselves and their industries, not just in times of crisis but-
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Cabot Partners began as an alliance between two consultancies: The Calyx Group, specializing in sales, marketing, marketing to investors, and business design; and Vetrei, specializing in IT company business management.

The Calyx Group was spun out of E-Technologies Associates, a boutique investment bank, in 1999 by Eleanor Haas, then a managing director of that firm. The firm helps entrepreneurial CEOs accelerate revenue growth. It does this by enabling clients to align sales, marketing, strategic business planning and communications.

Vetrei was founded in 2006 by Dr. Srini Chari to help clients develop growth strategies. The firm provides information technology, business development and financial planning services to both established and early-stage companies.

Cabot Partners was incorporated in 2006.

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