"Strategic partnering that sticks is the backbone of successful market strategies."

Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm
We have two practices that address business growth.

Business Services

Growing the business and revenue from the standpoint of products and technologies

Market Development - including opportunity development and facilitated introductions, quantified value proposition for sales, ROI analysis, strategic messaging and partnering.

Partnering - including strategic planning, implementation planning, opportunity discovery and facilitated introductions, developing a reference architecture and a framework to integrate hardware and software with complementary application offerings, and financials.

Product Development and Validation - including product requirements, reference architecture.

White Papers and Other Collateral  -  including executive briefs and workshop notebooks.

Strategic Services

Growing the business strategically

Opportunity Assessment - a structured approach to defining desired results and identifying options for achieving them, including their implications, advantages and disadvantages; market analysis and sizing, and business model design.

Business model design

Packaging for the investor market

Growth Strategies

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